The New Iraq Dinar, why it makes sense ....

Iraq could become an economic powerhouse as a result of their vast oil and natural gas reserves, once fully developed, strong agriculture resources with their plentiful water, and highly educated population.

The New Iraq Dinar (NID) has not yet become internationally traded which is why it is available at prices that are near all time lows. New elections have taken place, Iraq’s debt is being forgiven, a new tax system is being implemented,the Central Bank of Iraq has maintained a strong and transparent monetary policy, Fortune 500 companies are vying for opportunities to invest in Iraq, oil and gas facilities are expanding, and the infrastructure is being rebuilt.

On 12/23/05 the IMF announced that Iraq will be given a loan of $685M based on their prior economic performance. The only drawback to Iraq’s boom is the insurgent activity, which is being dealt with by the growing Iraqi army and the coalition forces.

Iraq is scheduled to become a member of the World Trade Organization in 2007. That would require their currency soon to become international which should increase its value substantially. Good information regarding Iraq's currency and economic evaluation is provided at bank introductions.